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Welcome to the Secondary Education portal

Information, resources and guidance, to support secondary teaching and learning.

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FindMyPath tool

On 30 June 2016 Minister Joyce and Minister Parata launched the FindMyPath tool.

Māori language week coming soon

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori takes place this year between Monday 4 July and Sunday 10 July. This resource page from NZC Online offers ideas, links, and stories to help schools engage with their students, parents, and whānau to support the learning of te reo Māori.

Samoa language week

Welcome to Samoa language week. Check out this resource page on NZC Online. It is packed with ideas, resources, and stories to help students learn gagana Sāmoa.

New on NZC - Inclusive Practice and the School Curriculum

Inclusive Practice and the School Curriculum is a resource for teachers and leaders in New Zealand English-medium school settings. It has been developed to build professional knowledge and create a shared understanding of inclusive practice within the New Zealand Curriculum. It is anticipated that providers of PLD will draw on the resource as they work in and with schools to develop effective and inclusive teaching and learning programmes.

Add your piece – then get the big picture

The 2016 Secondary Teacher Census is open until Friday 22 April at teacherscount.education.govt.nz

Principals have been sent information packs for their secondary school teachers to complete the census.
This census is designed to reveal trends and provide insights about New Zealand’s secondary teaching profession. This information will help the education sector, including teacher education providers, to meet the needs of students.

For example, it may show secondary school teachers which specialities will be most valued in the future, and help them plan their career and further professional development.
If you have taught in a secondary school at any time since the beginning of 2013, you are able to participate in the census.
If you have any questions, please email: info@teacherscount.education.govt.nz

Maintenance of the Vocational Pathways

To ensure that the Vocational Pathways remain current and relevant we are carrying out a minor update for 2016. This means expired standards and qualifications can be removed and newly registered standards and qualifications can be considered for inclusion. There will also be consideration of any submissions we have received proposing the inclusion of registered standards or qualifications that are not currently in an appropriate pathway. You have until the 18th April to make a submission, providing details of the specific standards or qualifications, pathway(s) to be considered for and reasons for inclusion. Submissions should be emailed to Vocational.pathways@education.govt.nz.

Secondary essentials

Secondary middle leaders

Information, tools, and resources to support secondary middle leaders.

Senior Secondary Guides

A series of Curriculum Guides to help design quality teaching and learning programmes.


New and updated NCEA support material and internal assessment resources.


Broad information covering NCEA standards and resources.

Te Mangōroa

A portal to stories, reports, statistics, and reviews that support Māori learners achieve education success as Māori.

Te Tere Auraki

Four projects that support Maori students' success in English-medium schools.

Engaging Māori students

Setting goals, priorities, actions, targets and outcomes to ensure Māori youth are present, engaged and achieving at secondary level.

Transitions and pathways

Vocational pathways

Vocational pathways provide a clear framework for vocational options, and assistance in programme planning. 

Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools

Advice and support on providing effective career education and guidance in years 7 to 13.

Secondary students and school leavers – Education and training

Career information to help students at school, or for those making decisions about leaving.

Careers NZ – Career Education in Practice

A practical handbook to help schools manage and develop their career education programmes.

A Study of Students' Transition from Primary to Secondary Schooling

Learning workers: Young New Zealanders and early career development

Media gallery

Observing learning in an intermediate classroom.

Extending professional learning communities across the Mt Roskill campus

Teachers from Mt Roskill High School are part of a campus wide professional learning programme to explore effective teaching practice, create coherent transitions, and drive greater student achievement.


RAMP literature reports

The Review and Maintenance Programme (RAMP) implemented a review process to ensure materials that support NCEA continue to be aligned with The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and support the development and use of quality teaching and learning programmes in secondary schools and other providers.

As part of these RAMP reviews, NZCER was contracted to carry out a search on "Themes in the research literature." This explored recent research related to the implementation of NCEA in the relevant learning area and/or the uptake and enactment of NZC in the final three years of schooling.

The findings of the reports are contributing to Ministry review and design processes for curriculum support and NCEA planning including the Review of NCEA and the Achievement Standards Review.

The reports can be found on NCEA on TKI >>

If you have any questions about these reviews please contact  enquiries.national@education.govt.nz