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Vocational pathways: Profile and award

Vocational pathways.

The introduction of the vocational profile and the vocational pathways award provides formal recognition of a learner's achievement using the vocational pathways. Each learner will be able to show how their achievement relates to the learning or skills sought by employers.

The vocational profile is a visual graph which will show learner achievement against the five vocational pathways. From February 2014, learners will be able to access their vocational profile from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website.

To achieve the vocational pathways award, learners must achieve NCEA level 2 which includes literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) at level 1 or above, and achieve 60 level 2 credits from the recommended assessment standards for a vocational pathways sector. From June 2014, learners will be able to request their vocational pathways awards from NZQA.

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