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Level 1 Achievement Standards and resources

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3 February 2011 Update

Newly aligned Level 1 Achievement Standards are now registered and published on NZQA’s Directory of Assessment Standards and are able to be used by schools.

Exemplars of student work or expected student responses (written by subject moderators) have been developed for every Level 1 achievement standard. The exemplars are on the NZQA Subject Specific Resources pages and are all available for use.

The TKI website also has a range of updated assessment resources for the Level 1 Achievement Standards. These resources, labelled 'Final published assessment resources', are for use with students in 2011. They have been updated as a result of trialling in schools or from final changes made to the registered standards in December last year.

A number of assessment resources are in the process of moving from 'draft' to 'final published' status. This means they should not yet be used with students. They can, however, be used by teachers for planning. All resources will have 'final published' status and be ready for use with students by the end of February.

As with all assessment resources, schools will still need to follow their own quality control processes, including making sure the resources are authentic, in the same way schools have always done. In some cases, the generic activity needs to be set within a specific context or topic.