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News in May 2013

Vocational pathways

Vocational pathways logo.

The vocational pathways website provides assistance in curriculum and programme planning, and developing individual student vocational profiles. Students can see how their learning and achievement will be valued in the workplace, and the types of jobs and further study options available. 

NCEA level 2 toolbox

NCEA level 2 toolbox.

The toolbox contains support for NCEA achievement in the secondary environment, school-initiated supports, online resources and key websites.

Economics curriculum guide update

Economics senior secondary curriculum guide.

The  economics senior secondary curriculum guide has been updated, with additions to key concepts and new level 8 achievement objective indicators.

Science curriculum guide update

Science - biology.

The science senior secondary curriculum guide has recently had new sections added: Pedagogy, connections, and learning programme design.

Engaging the disengaged

nfer logo.

This report, published in the UK by the National Foundation for Educational Research, examines the impact of interventions that are in place to support students aged 14-16 who are at risk of temporary disconnection from learning.